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I need to sort string, and I came up with the following function.

def mysort(comb_): 
    str = [] 
    size = len(comb_) 
    for c in comb_: 
    return ''.join(str) 

Is there any way to make it compact?

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return ''.join(sorted(comb_))
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This is the correct answer. It cannot get more succinct (or idiomatic) than that. Disregarding the strange underscore in the variable name, of course. –  jemfinch Apr 8 '10 at 2:16
def sortstr(comb_):
    return ''.join(sorted(comb_))

e:f;b :(

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If you want to get a string back do this:

def sort_string(string):
    return "".join(sorted(string))

But if you want a list back, do this:

def sort_string(string):
    return sorted(string)
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def sort_string(s):
    def sort_string_to_a_list(s):
        return sorted(s, lambda x,y: cmp(x.lower(), y.lower()) or cmp(x,y))
    sorted_list = sort_string_to_a_list(s)
    return ''.join(sorted_list)
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