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Glade: How do I pass more than one argument to a signal handler?

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What you can do in glade is very limited. You can pass zero or one object as userdata to a signal handler. The object has to be a widget (or other object) also present in the glade project.

If you connect the signal from code on the other hand, you can pass a structure containing various stuff as you please.

And if you create signals yourself you can utilize marshallers to create how many arguments you want (for the signal handler prototype), but still just one userdata argument. So this will not let you specify more argument then connecting the signal, only then invoking it.

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from here:

http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtkmm-tutorial/2.21/sec-connecting-signal-handlers.html.en ...

We just told you that the button's clicked signal is expecting to call a method with no arguments. All signals have requirements like this - you can't hook a function with two arguments to a signal expecting none (unless you use an adapter, such as sigc::bind(), of course). Therefore, it's important to know what type of signal handler you'll be expected to connect to a given signal.

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