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I'm storing JSON formatted data into a var adds with the following methods:

var adds = <%= raw @add.to_a.to_json %>;

var adds = <%= raw @add.nearbys(1).to_json %>;

The first line of code stores the location of an individual in JSON format, the second line of code searches for that person's neighbors, within a 1 mile range. How do I combine both of these lines of code and store the data in JSON format in the var adds variable?

If you are interested in source, its here. The location is layout/adds.html.erb

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I'm not sure why it's so important to have both pieces of data in one adds variable (can you simply do var adds and thenvar addNearbys?), but

var adds = {
    all: <%= raw @add.to_a.to_json %>,
    nearbys: <%= raw @add.nearbys(1).to_json %>

would get you all the data in one variable, in JSON.

Alternatively, you could do

var adds = <%= {:all => @add.to_a, :nearby => @add.nearbys(1)}.to_json %>

but that takes more processing because you'd be initializing a Hash.

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This was recently a huge issue for me and the solution is actually very elegant.

Note: be wary of the to_json solutions for aggregating JSON strings.

See my question here

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