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Using a QListView, and QStandardItemModel, is it possible to display icons in the list view without displaying the associated text? QStandardItem is defined as so:

QStandardItem ( const QIcon & icon, const QString & text ) 

So it seems to require a text string of some sort - I only want the icon displayed. If I use the following code, I get the icons as requested, but I also get a blank text element underneath them. I don't want this.

ImageListView->setViewMode( QListView::IconMode );
     QStandardItemModel *iStandardModel = new QStandardItemModel(this);
     QStandardItem* item1 = new QStandardItem(QIcon("images/shield-280x280.png"),"");
     QStandardItem* item2 = new QStandardItem(QIcon("images/shield-280x280.png"),"");


If I go to the trouble of building a custom model, can I resolve this issue?

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Yes, you can do.

first you create a delegate associated with the list-view.Then,

While inserting the elements to the listview, use set-data function to insert the icon and in the paint event of delegate you handle the drawing icon. i hope its clear.

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I'll evaluate your response and get back to you. Thanks! –  Chris Kaminski Apr 8 '10 at 17:31
@Chris can you post a code snippet for this issue? –  geotavros Nov 5 '11 at 23:14
Code would be nice I concur: custom delegates tend to give people the willies. –  neuronet Feb 10 at 21:51

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