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I have a link, after click this link, a modal was displayed. I used ModalDialog with code:

$(document).ready(function() {

    //linkTTT is link id
        $("a#linkTTT").click(function() {
        //content is id of div that contains content
            $("#content").modal({ onOpen: function(dialog) {
                dialog.overlay.fadeIn('slow', function() {
                    dialog.container.fadeIn('slow', function() {


         }); //end a click

Content're contained in a , it includes two tables that containt text and some images.

This application run well in Firefox 3+, Chrome and IE8.

Images here: [http://bian.vn/normal.png]

I'm having problem with IE 6 and IE 7. In IE 6:

Images here: [http://bian.vn/IE6.png]

In IE 7, content's cleaned after is loaded...

Images here: [http://bian.vn/IE7.png]

You can see screencast at link text

Let me know your answer about this problem Thanks a lot.

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I found solution for my problem :)

In <div> tag that have id="content", I included two tables. After I remove table. It's resolved!

Thanks for viewing :)

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