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I have:

NSString *promise = @"thereAreOtherWorldsThanThese";

which I'm trying to transform into the string:

@"There are other worlds than these"

I'm guessing this is a regex job, but I'm very new to Objective C, and have so far had no luck. I would greatly appreciate any help!

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I'd use GTMRegex (, for example:

NSString *promise = @"thereAreOtherWorldsThanThese";
GTMRegex *regex = [GTMRegex regexWithPattern:@"([A-Z])"];
NSLog(@"%@", [[regex stringByReplacingMatchesInString:promise
                     withReplacement:@" \\1"] lowercaseString]);
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As for removing the uppercase letters you can simply use lowercaseString on NSString.

But as for inserting spaces just before an uppercase letter, I would agree that it would be a job for a regex, and sadly, my regex fu is rubbish :)

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Without using any libraries you can use this NSString category I posted. Just perform lowerCaseString on the string array. Cocoa - Convert string 'playerName' into 'Player Name'?

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