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When I use the form helper to make a time input,usaually I write code as follows

$options = array(
    'label' => '',
    'type' => 'datetime',
echo $form->input('Service.endtime',$options);

But now I get a problem that I want to make a time input style such as


Then how can do this with setting some parameters in the helper?Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Well dateformat option will allow you to configure the date parts.

Used to specify the format of the select inputs for a date-related set of inputs. Valid values include ‘DMY’, ‘MDY’, ‘YMD’, and ‘NONE’.

However for this I think that you will need to extend the helper and create a custom function which will return this mixed date and time style. Otherwise I can only think of having two selects, one with month and day, and one for hour. Then merging the data somewhere else, perhaps in beforeSave() or beforeValidate()

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after going through the form.php in the cake's lib,I got a solution using the single part input function in the helper such as $form->month().Though more parameters to post but still better than do that manually:) – Young Apr 8 '10 at 13:39
Ah cool, handy to know! – David Yell Apr 8 '10 at 13:48

Hope my solution may help someone with the same requirement:

//echo $form->year('Modelname.year',2001,2021,intval(date('Y')),false)."-";
echo $form->month('Modelname.month',date('m'),'',false)."-";
echo $form->day('',date('d'))."-";
echo $form->hour('Modelname.hour',1,date('H'));
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