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I have a requirement to insert a string between two markers.

Initially I get a sting (from a file stored on the server) between #DATA# and #END# using:

function getStringBetweenStrings($string,$start,$end){ 
 $endsAt=strpos($string,$end, $startsAt);
 return substr($string,$startsAt,$endsAt-$startsAt);

I do some processing and based on the details of the string, query for some records. If there are records I need to be able to append them at the end of the string and then re-insert the string between #DATA# and #END# within the file on the server.

How can I best achieve this?

Is it possible to insert a record at a time in the file before #END# or is it best to manipulate the string on the server and just re-insert over the existing string in the file on the server?

Example of Data:



//Property records would appear here and match the string above, each field separated with ^ and terminating with ~

//Once the end of data has been reached, it will be fully terminated with:


When I check for new properties, I do the following:

  1. Get all existing properties between #DATA# and #END#
  2. Get the IDs of the properties and query for new properties which don't match these IDs

I then need to re-insert the new properties before #END# but after the last property in the file.

The structure of the file is a Rightmove BLM file.

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Please give examples of the data you need to manipulate –  Gordon Apr 8 '10 at 8:16
It's abit unclear question. Please provide some example data and an example of what the result should look like. –  Vidar Vestnes Apr 8 '10 at 9:20
How do you get the IDs of the properties? is the AGENT_REF the ID? –  SERPRO Mar 18 '11 at 14:25

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Just do an str_replace() of the old data with the new:

$str = str_replace('#DATA#'.$oldstr.'#END#', '#DATA#'.$newstr.'#END#', $str);
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I would extract the data in 3 steps:

1) Extract the data from the file:

preg_match("/#DATA#(.+)#END#/s", $string, $data); 

2) Extract each row of data:

preg_match_all("/((?:.+\^){2,})~/", $data[1], $rows, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER);
// The rows with data will be stored in $rows[1]

3) Manipulate the data in each row or add new rows:

// Add new row to the end of the array
$data[1][] = implode('^', $newRowArray);
// Creates an array with all the data from the row '0'
$rowData = preg_split("/\^/", $data[1][0], -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);

//Save the changes
//$newData should be all the rows together (with the '~' at the end of each row)
//$string is the original string with all the information
$file = preg_replace("/(#DATA#\r?\n).+(\r?\n#END#)/s", "\1".$newData."\2", $string);

I hope this can help you in your problem.

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