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I know WCF can be self hosted. how about WCF RIA Services? Thanks!

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Actually it can be self-hosted after small configuration:

DomainServiceHost host = new DomainServiceHost(typeof(DomainService1), uri);
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WCF RIA Services is build on top of WCF and they get exposed as WCF services. See WCF RIA Services on MSDN.

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According to this forum thread on MSDN, it is not possible to do such thing because RIA services set the ASP.NET compatibility to be required, therefore needing the IIS hosting.

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so you mean we must host on ııs ? because ı am getting 500 internal server error when ı put wcf ria silverlight directly to server is not work is not see the data its work on my localhost with visual studio but on server not work

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