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I want to access a usercontrol in my class file not in aspx.cs.i need to typecast it using ASP.usercontrol_ascx type but i cant access ASP namespace from my .cs file..how to typecast the usercontrol??


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Every user control is inherited from UserControl class.

So it is possible to access your user control like this

UserControl userControl = (UserControl) new MyBrandUserControl();

Do This

In that case you have to expand hierarchy. What you have to do is, create a class MyUserControlBase which will inherit from UserControl class, and your MyBrandUserControl user control will inherit from MyUserControlBase class.

Now, your properties will reside in MyUserControlBase, and you can cast it like:

MyUserControlBaseuserControl = (MyUserControlBase) new MyBrandUserControl();

Please let me know whether if you are not looking for this.

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i have added public properties to usercontrol so i need that specific control typecasted to access those properties. –  komal Apr 8 '10 at 9:15
I have edited my answer, please check! –  Abdul Munim Apr 8 '10 at 10:18
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