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I am writing a DirectShow capture filter using CSource / CSourceStream as a base but when I access the cam in Firefox + Flash, I get a debug assert and the following debug error when closing Firefox. 1c98)   133506 : 1c98)   133506 :    ID             Object Description 1c98)   133506 : 1c98)   133506 :    19 (001AE940)          Camera Stream 1c98)   133507 :    18 (001AE940)                 Camera 1c98)   133507 :     6 (001AE940)          Camera Stream 1c98)   133507 :     5 (001AE940)                 Camera 1c98)   133507 : 1c98)   133507 : Total object count     4

From what I can tell this is not my fault. I suspect Flash is uncleanly discarding the DirectShow graph on shutdown. I have read and re-read the MSDN documentation and scoured the net for examples but turned up nothing.

Can anyone help clarify this for me or point me in the right direction?

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Feeling a little silly about this. After spending a day looking at reference counts and whatnot, it turned out to be a noobie mistake. I compiled strmbasd.lib with the /MDd flag and my code with the /MD flag. The former was targeting the debug runtime libraries, the later the release runtime libraries.

The linker gave a warning which went unheeded and the code ran up until time to release the DLL. Go figure..

Chalk that one up to stupidity I guess. :)

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As a note, I got the same message (but 2 and 1 objects left over), and it was because ffmpeg indeed wasn't cleaning up right (it should now/soon though), and only occurs with Debug builds, release builds don't do the double check... – rogerdpack Oct 5 '11 at 21:37

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