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How would I write a SQL query that excludes a record if one (external) record from a one to many join matches a certain condition?

For example:


DetailID    Item
1           A
1           B
2           B
2           C

How would I select the detail records where the Items do not include 'A'?

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FROM details d
  FROM items i
  WHERE i.DetailID == d.ID 
    AND i.Item = 'A')
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building on systempuntoout's solution:

SELECT details.*
FROM details 
LEFT OUTER JOIN items ON details.ID=items.DetailID AND items.Item = 'A'
WHERE items.DetailID IS NULL
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Why not just using INNER JOIN like:

SELECT details.*
FROM details 
INNER JOIN items ON details.ID=items.DetailID AND items.Item<> 'A'
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That would return the second row in the items table. The OP wants to exclude detailId = 1 completely. –  Daniel Vassallo Apr 8 '10 at 9:57
Is it that clear that OP wants it :)?Probably it's like you said. –  systempuntoout Apr 8 '10 at 10:01

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