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I get this error message from Passenger:

Permission denied - /root/.bundle/ruby/1.8/specifications/activeresource-3.0.0.beta2.gemspec

Does anyone recognize it and can tell me how I can find a solution? I'm really stuck…

The server runs Ubuntu 9.

ps. The problem occured after I ran a deploy in which I'd added to the Gemfil gem "rails", "3.0.0.beta2" ds.

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Bundle install, by default on Ubuntu, tries to install in a .bundle directory (in this case /root/.bundle.

Passenger (which runs under Apache as the www-data user) can't read your /root directory.

Instead, in your app, bundle it like this:

bundle install .bundle

This allows passenger to find the gems. Also make sure you chown your source tree for www-data.

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Ok! I did a bundle install vendor/gems instead and this seems to have done the trick!

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