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I've been asked to build 'widgets' that let users of a web application install a desktop, or web-based widget which will provide:

  • Notifications of new content.
  • Personalized access to key performance indicators

I'm looking for some information to inform our requirements and design discussions.

On the desktop you can target the Vista Sidebar, or on OS X there is the Dashboard, as well as others. From the web perspective you can target iGoogle and others. If I was to start by developing for the widget framework that had the greatest number of users, which would I choose? Does anyone provide statistics on the number of users?

The client would prefer to provide a richer experience for end users and I think this could be achieved using a desktop widget framework. However there would be some questions around the number of users that we can hit with any single framework (eg. sidebar). What technology or framework could I target that gives me cross-platform compatibility? Should we embed Flash?

Rather than live within a widget framework, I was going to suggest the creation of a standalone application. Are there any frameworks that help facilitate the creation of widget-like applications?

Target platforms:

  • Windows (Windows XP and newer)
  • Apple (OS X 10.4 and newer)
  • Linux (nice to have)
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You can put a glance on Adobe Air.

It allows a cross-platform development in Flash/Flex or HTML/JS.

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