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I need to make a textbox that only allows numeric characters. I've looked through several numeric plugins and can't find one that I like. I'm looking for either a plugin recommendation with the associated URL or syntax showing how to get started on making my own plugin.

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The masked input plugin should do exactly what you need. –  Matt Ball Apr 8 '10 at 13:59
Check this nice article: Restricting Input in HTML Textboxes to Numeric Values –  Amr ElGarhy Apr 22 '11 at 13:05

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  if (isNaN(String.fromCharCode(e.which))){
    return false;
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cool one.. Helps me a lot. Why these guys going back to the plugins..!!! –  Jyothu Dec 20 '12 at 6:16

You can start by implementing the function with JQuery and then integrate it into a (configurable) plugin.

To handle textbox input you should intercept keydown event on textbox and then prevent the input if it's not allowed.

To write a plugin you can start from here: http://www.learningjquery.com/2007/10/a-plugin-development-pattern http://www.learningjquery.com/2009/03/making-a-jquery-plugin-truly-customizable

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