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Given the following HTML:

<div class="parent">
<span class="child">10</span>

<div class="parent">
<span class="child">20</span>

I want to filter and hide parent div based on it's span value (child value), so have thought of doing something like:

$('span.child').filter(function(index) {
 return ($(this).text() < '15');

No success... I am not hiding Parent div based on Span Value..

Anyone can help me ?

Greatly appreciated.

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Try this:

jQuery('span.child').filter(function(index) {
   return (jQuery(this).text() < '15');  
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Just remove that last $(this), like this:

$('span.child').filter(function(index) {
  return $(this).text() < '15';

.filter() returns the filtered set of elements, it takes what you selected, filters out what you wanted gone, then you just keep chaining the result. You can see this working here.

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