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I am trying to extract Meta Description for fetched webpages. But here I am facing the problem of case sensitivity of BeautifulSoup.

As some of the pages have <meta name="Description and some have <meta name="description.

My problem is very much similar to that of Question on Stackoverflow

The only difference is that I can't use lxml .. I have to stick with Beautifulsoup.

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You can give BeautifulSoup a regular expression to match attributes against. Something like

soup.findAll('meta', name=re.compile("^description$", re.I))

might do the trick. Cribbed from the BeautifulSoup docs.

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With minor changes it works.

soup.findAll('meta', attrs={'name':re.compile("^description$", re.I)})
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A regular expression? Now we have another problem.

Instead, you can pass in a lambda:

soup.findAll(lambda tag:'meta',
    name=lambda x: x and x.lower()=='description')

(x and avoids an exception when the name attribute isn't defined for the tag)

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+1 for avoiding regex. +1 more for xkcd link. – FlipMcF May 4 '13 at 0:45
Using bs4 i'm getting "find_all() got multiple values for keyword argument 'name'" with that :/ – João Melo Feb 20 '14 at 11:14

With bs4 use the following:

soup.find('meta', attrs={'name': lambda x: x and x.lower()=='description'})
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