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How do I split a line of text in bash using SOH delimiter?

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You can set the IFS variable to change the delimiter between words. (Don't forget to save the old value so you can restore it when you're done.)

Based on a quick google I assume "SOH delimiter" is the character with code 1, so you need to get that odd character into IFS:

IFS=`echo -e '\01'`

If that's not enough, you probably need to expand on "split a line of text". What do you want to split it into?

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You don't need to use echo you can do this IFS=$'\1'. Also man ascii will give you a table that shows the names of character codes. –  Dennis Williamson Apr 8 '10 at 20:25
I want to split it so that it will make up the members of an array. IFS=echo -e '\01' read -ra VAL_ARR <<< "$val" It still doesn't quite work. I also tried: IFS=$'\1' read -ra VAL_ARR <<< "$val" –  syker Apr 8 '10 at 20:48

you can use the octal value of SOH as a delimiter using awk.

$ awk -F"\001" '{print $1}' file
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