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I am pulling all my Flash (pure AS3 project, not Flash CS3) content from a Drupal back-end for SEO purposes. This works great, except the HTML rendering built into the TextField object leaves a lot to be desired. Could anyone recommend any libraries that would allow me to display HTML elements? At this stage, commercial or open-source libraries are welcome.

Thanks, Marcus

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you might also want to try: http://code.google.com/p/htmlwrapper/

I haven't used it but it looks like it does what you want.

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AIR introduces a DisplayObject called flash.html.HTMLLoader. It's powered by WebKit, so if your content is compatible with Safari, it will work with HTMLLoader.

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There is an Flex HTML component available that's pretty good. It uses the browser to render the contents.

However it's not free. You will have to invest $149.

You can test the capabilities of this component here.

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Try using this Flex iFrame, which is modeled after it's HTML iframe counterpart. I haven't used this solution in my Flex applications yet, but it looks promising.


However, please note that this same author now recommends against using this.

As always, your mileage may vary, Randy Stegbauer

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Does your swf need to fill all of the web page? Why not have your swf call some javascript that will populate a DIV or whatever. Or just have the PHP generate that. I guess I need more information what you're trying to do...

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So long as your project is viewed within a web browser, your best bet would be to overlay HTML content in a DIV or iFrame above the Flash content using a JavaScript tool such as JQery's ThickBox

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You could try out this AS3 HTML Parser Library ... works well for my needs, It currently supports most elements (including img, span, div).

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