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right now, i have this code where $obj_arr maybe contain array and object.

$obj_temp = array ($obj_identity, $arr_user, $obj_locale, $arr_query); 

    foreach ($obj_temp as $maybe_arr) {
            if (is_array($maybe_arr)) :
                $name = (string) key($maybe_arr);
            if (is_object($maybe_arr)) :    
                ???? // how to retrieve a class name ?

            $obj_arr[$name] = $maybe_arr;



function obj_will_be_extract($obj_arr) {

    //Do the rest


i need to create array consist combination of object and array. Cause i need to extract it, then how to get an object name ?

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Use get_class to get the class name of an object.

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Since PHP 5.5 you can use MyAction::class statement, so you can get a class name without class initialization

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