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Can someone give me some code to set the cell of an excel spreadsheet to a number format that use a max of 2 decimal places. Or would it work better it I change the data I am putting into the cell to a proper format? Here is a sample of data that is going in. Right now its going in as a string... col("ADJ").ToString() where col is a DataTable oject.

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I'm not sure about VB, but in C# it would be:

worksheet.Cells["C3"].NumberFormat = "0.00"


worksheet.Cells["A:Z"].NumberFormat = "0.00"


Range.NumberFormat = "0.00"
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Here's one way:

Selection.NumberFormat = """R"" #,##0.00;""R"" -#,##0.00"

Another way:

worksheet.Cells(x,y).NumberFormat = """R"" #,##0.00;""R"" -#,##0.00"

NOTE: this may vary with different versions of Excel.

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I am using the worksheet.Cells(x,y) object can you give me an example with that I do not see it in my intellisense. –  Nick LaMarca Apr 8 '10 at 20:25
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