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Given the following HTML

<div class"myclass">10</div>
<div class"myclass">25</div>
<div class"myclass">50</div>
<div class"myclass">20</div>

I want Jquery to return the maximum value found on divs with class:"myclass". (This is 50)

I thought of using .find.text() will be a good starting point but cant figure out exactly how,

Help is greatly appreciatted,


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Well, something like

var $set = $('myclass'),
    max  = 0;
$.each($set, function(){
    if(parseInt(this.text()) > max)
       max = parseInt(this.text());

should do it.

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My shot at it:

var max = 0;
    var value = parseInt($(this).text())
    if(value > max) max = value;
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+1 for using div.myclass as the selector – James Westgate Apr 8 '10 at 20:44
var max = 0;
    thisVal = parseInt($(this).text(), 10);
    if(thisVal > max) max = thisVal;
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Using $(this).val() doesn't work on a div – Mike Robinson Apr 8 '10 at 20:27
You can use .text() instead. – Austin Fitzpatrick Apr 8 '10 at 20:28
When you use parseInt you should set the radix to 10, for this case: thisVal = parseInt($(this).text(),10); – Mottie Apr 9 '10 at 2:09

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