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I have to convert an incoming String field into a BigDecimal field that would represent a valid amount of money, for example:

String amount = "1000";

BigDecimal valid_amount = convert(amount);


What is the right API to use convert a String into a valid amount of money in Java (eg: apache commons library)?

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How about the BigDecimal(String) constructor?

String amount = "1000";
BigDecimal validAmount = new BigDecimal(amount);
System.out.println(validAmount); // prints: 1000

If you want to format the output differently, use the Formatter class.

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There is the Joda-Money library for dealing with money values. But, according to the web site, "the current development release intended for feedback rather than production use."

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Did you mean to achieve the following:?

NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
System.out.println(nf.format(new BigDecimal("1000")));


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Use new BigDecimal(strValue).

Will save you enormous pain and suffering resulting from The Evil BigDecimal Constructor

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