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I'm connecting to a remote web service which I'd prefer to call with ajax and the service (FedEx Services API) doesn't appear to support JSON formatted responses.

Is there a proxy server/apache that will convert the response from XML/SOAP into JSON so my Javascript can easily use it?

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So you are looking to go from XML to JSON?

Well I am not sure what good this would do you if the proxy is not on your server due to the same origin policy.

Anyway, here is an example of xml-to-json from http://jsonproxy.appspot.com/ of W3C's note.xml

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Jsonproxy.appspot.com only converts the first node of a collection, so you can loose most of the data in the XML, try http://networkprogramming.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/a-better-xml-to-json-proxy/ as an alternative

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