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I am a Java programmer and was working on a project using Hibernate and Struts for some time.

Now For my new project, I am working on PHP and Mysql (learning PHP). Is there any technology which is similar to Hibernate for PHP? If yes, can anyone give me the link where I can understand and use it?

Is there a POJO concept in PHP?

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In my opinion the best ORM for PHP is Doctrine.

You may also wish to check out Propel and see which suits your style better.

PHP ORMs: Doctrine vs. Propel is a recent SO question comparing the two. Common PHP frameworks like Symfony let you use either ORM as far as I recall.

As far as POJOs, as far as I know you'd use stdClass for that in PHP. I'm not much with Java though, so I can't say for sure. Here's an SO Question about that... What is stdClass in PHP?

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If you need ORM, you can try Doctrine

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If you're not stuck on PHP (e.g. you can use any scripting language), Perl has both POJO concept (Perl objects) and Hibernate alternatives (including hibernate Perl port; and several Object-Relational Mapping classes).

If you're forced into PHP, you can see alist of OR/M for PHP here

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There is also dmz as a doctrine alternative: http://datamapper.wanwizard.eu/ which is very simple to setup and made to work with codeigniter.

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