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I am getting this error in the expression editor for a chart control.

Category - Fields
Item -
'Fields selection frame' is where I see the error

The chart IS linked to a dataset though and it works too; how else would the chart be populated with meangingful data when I run it? :)

Does anyone know why this occurs?

[pic not supplied due to corp firewall]

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Bizarrely, I tried deploying the report despite the error....and it works! –  adolf garlic Apr 9 '10 at 8:18

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Looks like a bug in SSRS i.e. the fact that it works anyway but displays an error in the expression editor

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In case anyone else stumbles upon this I can confirm that this still occurs in SQL Server 2008 SP2 (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Designers Version 10.0.4000.0) and also if the report is opened in Report Builder 3.0 (2008 R2).

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It only works when you remove the filter. Its broke, if you put a filter in you get the erroneous error message and no data in your chart. If you remove the filter you get your chart but of course not filtered the way you want. I'm using 2008.

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