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how can i get order number of some element by javascript/jquery?

 <li class="abc">Victor</li>
 <li class="abc">Simon</li>
 <li class="abc">Tom</li>

There is 3xli with abc class. Now I need to get order(sequence) number of Simon li.

Thanks in advance

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With Jquery's index() method

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You can do it like this using a selector with .index(), like this:

$('li:contains(Simon)').index('.abc'); //returns 1, it's 0 based
//Or this...
$('li').filter(':contains(Simon)').index('.abc'); //returns 1

Without the selector, you'd get 2, the index of the <li> in the parent overall, regardless of the class. You can view a quick demo here. Keep in mind it's a 0 based index, may need to + 1 the result for display in some cases, depends what you need it for.

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Just a fix for the @Nick Craver answer. I tried using .index('.class_name') and that kept on returning -1 for a not found. What I did then was .index( $('.class_name') ) which gave me the intended result. I guess it requires a dom node object for it's value and not just a selector.

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