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I want to know which sites can give me information on the list of JavaScript functions that are supported by IE/Firefox/Opera/Safari.

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Take a look at quirksmode

and in the Compatibility Master Table

you will get a detailed listing.

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There are several sites for that but you'll probably find that none are absolutely complete, so it is worth checking out each of them

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Perhaps not a direct answer to this question, but never-the-less I think this is useful to know about: You can use the Sputnik JavaScript Conformance tool in Google Labs to check ECMAScript conformance in browsers:

Sputnik is a JavaScript conformance test suite containing over 5000 tests. It tests how well a JavaScript implementation adheres to the ECMA-262 specification version 5, looking only at those features that were also present in the previous version, version 3, and not the new features added in version 5.

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This looks useful http://kangax.github.com/es5-compat-table/

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