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I've got a project which as a reference added to System.Web.

However, it can't seem to pick up HttpContext. Doing this:

Imports System.Web
_ApplicationBase = HttpContext.Current()

Tells me that HttpContext is not declared. If you look at the methods and properties inside System.Web there are hardly any showing: only AspHostingPermission, AspHostingPermissionAttribute, AspHostingPermissionLevel and Services.

The reference is valid and pointing to the right place. This is driving me crazy - what have I missed?

Cheers, Matt

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An HttpContext object exists only during an request on the thread that is processing the request. In any other thread or process, there is no HttpContext available.

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This is correct if the error happens at run-time. If it happens at design time then you're missing a reference to the System.Web.dll assembly. – Keith Apr 9 '10 at 14:37

If this error is happening at design time then it's a case of a missing assembly reference. Make sure your project is referencing the System.Web.dll assembly.

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