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I have a bunch of int key fields in my index and trying to do a simple range search like this:

`gender:1 AND height:[120 TO 180]`

This should give me male in the height range 120 to 180. But for some reason i get this exception:

`At least one range query boundary term must be non-empty term`

How would i debug this? Is it just Zend_Search_Lucene being buggy?

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This is an open bug in the query parser of the Zend Framework. Created in december 2008 with high priority... and still unsolved.

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First, you have to change default Analyzer to TextNum to allow number before finding


\ZendSearch\Lucene\Analysis\Analyzer\Analyzer::setDefault(new \ZendSearch\Lucene\Analysis\Analyzer\Common\TextNum\CaseInsensitive());

Second, your date field MUST be a keyword, not text.

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