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If I have some php classes inside a namespace com\test

and want to import all of them into another php file how can do that?

use com\test\ClassA
use com\test\ClassB

use com\test\* give me syntax error.

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This should work:

use com\test;

$a = new \test\ClassA;
$b = new \test\ClassB;


use com\test\ClassA as ClassA;
use com\test\ClassB as ClassB;

$a = new ClassA;
$b = new ClassB;

See the PHP manual on Using namespaces: Aliasing/Importing.

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Very boring! Hope PHP developers will put that feature. –  xdevel2000 Apr 9 '10 at 11:59
Agreed. I realize that it is to prevent naming collisions but honestly - .NET, Java, and others have been doing it for years. Is is it so hard to throw a fatal error instead of forcing us to have ugly syntax? –  Jarrod Nettles Jan 6 '11 at 16:34

I think you can't do such thing.

You can do:

 use com\test

and refer to your classes at later time as:

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