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I want to serialize an object(Form) to the MemoryStream and ulteriorly be able to deserialize it.

Is it possible to keep (read and write into) a global "memoryStreamContainer" when application is running?

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Yes you can, but please note that the MemoryStream is not thread-safe, so you'll need to serialize access to it, for instance, by using the lock statement.

Could could even write some sort of tread-safe wrapper, that could use any type of Stream:

public sealed class ThreadSafeStreamWrapper
    private readonly Stream wrappedStream;
    public ThreadSafeStreamWrapper(Stream wrappedStream)
        this.wrappedStream = wrappedStream;

    // implementation
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I agree that my question should be "How can I" :) –  serhio Apr 9 '10 at 13:50

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