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Can I use an xpath query on a result already obtained using xpath?

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In most hosting languages/environments (like XSLT, XQuery, DOM) you can. Don't know about PHP, but it would be strange if it doesn't allow this.

Of course, the result of the first query must be a node-set, in order for a future "/" operator to be possible/allowed/successful on it.

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I have done it in PHP/SimpleXML. The thing that I didn't understand at first is that you're still dealing with the full SimpleXML object, so if you start with "/nodename", you're operating on root. If you start with "nodename" you are starting at the beginning of the result node. Here's my example:


$s = '/ItemSearchResponse/Items/Item';
$items = $parsed->xpath($s);

foreach($items as $item)
    $s = 'ItemAttributes/Feature';
    $s = 'ASIN';
    $s = 'ImageSets/ImageSet[@Category="primary"]';
    $s = 'MediumImage/URL';
    $medium_image_url[] = $primary_img_set[0]->xpath($s);
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