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I've read this very related question here on SO, and it was extremely helpful because of the link in the answer. I'm just having a problem now going the extra step and making it all work with the MVVM pattern.

Let's say I have my ViewModel, and it (or even the Model) could have an enum defined:

public enum MyTypes { Type1, Type2, Type3 };

I want to databind this to a ComboBox in my GUI. According to the article, I would use an ObjectDataProvider to invoke the Enum.GetValues() method on MyTypes. So I have to pass MyTypes as a MethodParameter. But how do you pass the type? I've tried various methods, like adding the reference to the namespace in XAML:

        <ObjectDataProvider MethodName="GetValues" ObjectType="{x:Type sys:Enum}" x:Key="TipHandlingValues">
                <!-- what goes here?  it's totally wrong. -->
                <my:MyTypes />

Pretty much nothing I put there will even compile. Does anyone know how to get past this little hurdle?

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Simplest way is to add this line in code:

DataContext = Enum.GetValues(typeof(MyTypes));

Other options is to add markup extension that produce list of values out of enum.

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That might be the simplest, but I don't think it's appropriate because my DataContext is my ViewModel, which is how I bind all of my commands and other comboboxes. I have a ton of other GUI elements than just the one combobox. As for the "other options", I thought the markup I posted in my question is how you produce the list of values from the enum? – Dave Apr 9 '10 at 15:19
there might be no way to do it by pure XAML. and it looks for me that it is done much easier with regular C#. Create a property in our ViewModel called MyTypesValues and bind to in then. ({Binding MyTypesValues}). – Andrey Apr 9 '10 at 15:50

See my answer on this SO post: How to declare combobox itemTemplate that has Itemsource as Enum Values in WPF?

In short, in the ObjectDataProvider.MethodParameters should refer to your Enum's type name as referenced in a namespace, i.e.,

  <x:Type TypeName="my:MyTypes"/>
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