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I have an app that requires user to register. I've got the app conected to PHP in my server to do the logic of register/login and so, this is not problem at all.

But, I want to keep a session of the user in local, so the user doesn't have to login again every time he runs the app.

So, I want something like this:

  • First time user, he opens the app, register and login.
  • Do some stuff with the app and closes it.
  • Open the app again, the user is recognized so he doesn't need to login again.

I only need to store an ID and a Username (both fetched from the DB in the login php method). What's the best way to do this??

I've thought about doing a custom preference, store the data in files or even a local DB (sqlite). Any suggestions?

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Yeah, preferences would work. In your onCreate():

mPrefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPrefs(this);

And in some function that gets called after the user logs in:

SharedPreferences.Editor edit = mPrefs.edit();
edit.putString("app_username", username);
edit.putInt("app_userid", userId);
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Use shared preference for this purpose.. try below code....:

PreferenceManager pm = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPrefs(this);
SharedPreferences.Editor edit = pm.edit();
edit.putString("user", username);
edit.putInt("pwd", password);
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