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I am creating a dynamic cursor and I would like to loop over the columns that exist in the cursor. How would I do that?

For example:

create or replace procedure dynamic_cursor(empid in varchar2, RC IN OUT sys_refcursor) as
     stmt varchar2(100);
     stmt := 'select * from employees where id = ' || empid;
     open RC for stmt using val;

     for each {{COLUMN OR SOMETHING}}
       --TODO: Get this to work
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You will need to use Oracle Dynamic SQL, most likely method 4.

EDIT: Sorry, the above is for Pro*C. You will need to use the DBMS_SQL package. It's fairly complex, but will allow you to parse, execute, and fetch any arbitrary SQL statement you need, all at run time. In particular, have a look at examples 3 and 8.

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I have the dynamic sql working. My example code is oversimplified. What I would like to do is have the stmt variable be much more dynamic, to the point where I would not be commited to a fieldset. That is why I want to loop of the columns in the cursor. –  Lloyd Apr 9 '10 at 15:07

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