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On confluence I want to create a link that links to:

P:\myFolder\folder, where P is mapped to a network share.

Just putting in "P:\myFolder\folder" doesn't work. Any ideas?

(Assuming I cannot put in the full network path).

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typically what would work is


If there are spaces in the name like 'My Documents' you can surround the link with [ ]

[file:///p:/my Folder/folder/]

Of course you can also add an alias:

[The Folder|file:///p:/my Folder/folder/]

I just tested a variation of this and it seemed to work.

[file:///\\\\servername/share/folder/file.ext] works in IE (note two back slashes in front for the server name)
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What about UNC paths? Using [file:///\\server\path\file name.ext], I get "not valid link markup". Ditto if I replace the backslashes with forward slashes. –  Jon of All Trades Jul 23 '12 at 15:38
Does this solution work with linking to FTP as well? ftp::///user:pass@LinkToFTPServer.com/foldername ?? –  Tanax Aug 10 '12 at 20:44

As Vladimir Alexiev writes, the browser might need some setting up. Firefox and Opera do not allow opening links to local files. This is for security purposes. Have a look at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Linking+to+local+file+under+Firefox (This page is located within the JIRA documentation, but the information is not JIRA-specific.)

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You can setup Shortcut Links* (Browse>Admin>Shortcut Links) to make this easier. Then you can write e.g. [myFolder/folder@P]

You may also need to take care for your browser to open the links. That depends by browser.

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The following worked for me on Windows 7 under Firefox 24.5:


translates to:


That is 5 forward slashes.

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