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I'm having trouble with getting a named scope working using using an attribute of the associated model other than the id column.

I have a Firm model which has a city_id column. I also have a City model with a name column.

I want to get restful urls like this so as to make use of the has_scope gem and have skinny controllers


However using the present code I can only insert the city Id


Here is my named_route

class Firm < ActiveRecord::Base       
named_scope :by_city, proc {|city| { :conditions => { :city => city } } }

Any ideas about how to modify the named scope so as to generate urls using the name would be greatly appreciated!



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You'll need to add belongs_to to the Firm class and then for the named scope add a join on city so you can get to the city's name in the query. Something like this

class Firm < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :city
  named_scope :by_city, lambda {|city_name| {:joins => :city, :conditions => {:city => {:name => city_name}}}}
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Thanks - this works but requires a slight modification named_scope :by_city, lambda {|city_name| {:joins => :city, :conditions => {:cities => {:name => city_name}}}} –  Jack Kinsella Apr 10 '10 at 8:44
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