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when I build mVC applciation in TFS Server

I am getting this errors

Compling sources for any CUP/Release

Project TFSBuild.proj is building 'A.sln' with default traget

what is this casue?


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Looks like you got downvoted because you didn't provide any detail about your environment such as the version of TFS, etc (and I see you have a low acceptance rate too).

Anyway, it looks like you're using TFS2008/5 so open the TFSBuild.proj file from source control and look for something in it like this:

<SolutionToBuild Include="$(BuildProjectFolderPath)/A.sln">

Change the A.sln to the name of your MVC solution and then try again. Don't forget that the path to the solution will be relative to where the TFSBuild.proj file is located.

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