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Oh lovely Progress..

I have a linked server set up between sql 2008 and a Progress OpenEdge 10.1b server.

How do I get the table schemas?

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You can get all available tables:

select * from sysprogress.SYSTABLES;


select * from sysprogress.SYSTABLES_FULL;

You can get all columns of specified table:

select * from sysprogress.SYSCOLUMNS where TBL = 'table_name';


select * from sysprogress.SYSCOLUMNS_FULL where TBL = 'table_name';

It works only with DBA privileged user.

More detail in OpenEdge Product Documentation:

Document title: SQL Reference

Chapter: OpenEdge SQL System Catalog Tables

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You can do a statement like

SELECT * FROM LinkedProgressOpenedgeServer.YourDatabase.Owner.TableName WHERE 1=2

That should return just the schema without any data.

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