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I have a slide show using javascript where images display from another server (remote server). i have to display images from another server,problem is when i set "src" property of "Img" html tag, it append my server localhost path at starting as "http:\\\image1.jpg" where my image path is "http:\\image1.jpg". can any one tell me how to remove my site url "" from the image path. below is my javascript.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var width = 283;
var height = 183;
var imgAr1 = new Array();
var rImg1 = new Array();
imgAr1[0] ='<%=url1%>'; // images comes from database with full imagepath like "\image.jpg"
imgAr1[1] = '<%= url1%>';
imgAr1[2] = '<%= url2%>';
imgAr1[3] = '<%= url3%>';
imgAr1[4] = '<%= url4%>';
imgAr1[5] = '<%= url5%>'; </script>

//to run slideshow

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

//for(var j = 0; j < imgAr1.length; j++)
//  	rImg1[j] = new Image();
//        rImg1[j].src =  imgAr1[j];
//        alert(rImg1[j].src);

document.onload = setting();

var slide;
function setting()
    slide = document.getElementById('pic');
    slide.setAttribute("src", imgAr1[0] );
    setTimeout("", 5000);

//Image or picture slide show using java script
//slideshow function
var picture = 0;
function slideshow(){
    if(picture < imgAr1.length-1){
//  	slide.src =  imgAr1[picture];
        slide.setAttribute("src", imgAr1[picture]);
    	setTimeout("slideshow()", 5000);
            picture = -1;
            setTimeout("slideshow()", 5000);

//ASPX code
<img id="pic" border="0"  style="z-index: 100" alt="Property Photo" title="Property Photo"/>
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When using an absolute path in the .src attribute, there should be not problems.

Make sure you format the image URL's starting with

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Thankx Aron problem with my absolute path.Now working fine.. – Jon Galloway Nov 4 '08 at 6:17

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