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I need to use C# on Mac, and I have Mono. What command line tools are for building purposes Mono/C#?

  • Can I just use make?
  • Or is there any tool for that just like Ant for Java?
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It looks like the Mono project has its own version of MSBuild, xBuild.

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My vote for rake:

You can create a task like this:

SRC = FileList[ '*.cs']

FULL_NAME = "foo.exe"
TARGET = 'library|winexe|exe'
REFS = ["a.dll","b.dll"]
task :compile do
   sh "#{CSC} -debug -out:#{FULL_NAME} -target:#{TARGET}  -lib:#{BUILD_DIR}-r:#{REFS.join(',')} #{SRC}"
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On *nix platforms, you can simply use make to build and deploy your .NET libraries/applications.

It works quite well and is what Mono itself does when you build from source. Mono will first build mcs and then use the newly built mcs to build the framework assemblies.

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There is NAnt. Development of NAnt starts to get faster again, so we'll see a new release soon ;)


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