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How to apply validations to WPF datepicker toolkit? I want it to error out if invalid date is selected and in some case I have Arrival and Departure dates, so I want to validate it to see that the arrival date is not later than the departure date.

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It seems a year above date picker validation was a problem. Anyway, now it works.

I am not a WPF specialist, bu I'll try to give you an idea

write a validation rule

public class DateExpiredRule : ValidationRule

    public override ValidationResult Validate(object value, CultureInfo cultureInfo)
        DateTime orderDate = (DateTime)value;

        return new ValidationResult(orderDate < DateTime.Now, "Please, enter date before Now()");

then you can attach it to datepicker

    <!-- since validation works hand by hand with binding, 
        I use hidden datepicker as binding source -->
    <WPFToolkit:DatePicker Name="dateProvider" Visibility="Collapsed">

    <WPFToolkit:DatePicker Name="notExpired">
            <Binding ElementName="dateProvider" Path="SelectedDate" UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged">

specify control template when validation error occurs. By default validation error changes border color. I used additional tooltip when mouse is over control.

alt text

source code

About 'picker to picker' validation.

I know that one can use custom properties in validation rules (see AgeRangeRule in msdn example)

Maybe you should use this feature like this

<local:MaxDateRule MaxDate="{Binding ElementName=DepartureDatePicker, Path=SelectedDate" />

but in order to apply binding you need to make MaxDate a DependencyProperty .. you should definetly ask a guru ;)

Instead of highlighting you should consider intercepting the datepicker value change (via some kind of datepicker 'onchange' event) and accept or reject the change.

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Thanks so much for your reply..I had a question, how shall I validate dates in 2 datepickers. Eg, I have arrival date datepicker and departure date datepicker. How shall I validate this two so that the arrival date is always less than (before), the departure date? – developer Apr 12 '10 at 14:26

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