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hope to get some help here because this is something that really makes me mad...

I have a view with a tableView, and when I tap a cell I want to present a popOver window pointing the arrow to the cell I tapped.

the things that I think I need is: 1- the position of the cell in the screen (not in the view, because on large tables the Y value of the cell's rect could be grater than screen hight)


2- a CGPoint or something similar that represents the point in the screen I tapped.

I can't figured this out, and makes me really mad!!!

Any help will very very very very usefull. Have a nice day.

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Take a look at the UIView method convertPoint:toView: (using nil as the toView argument).

If I trigger a UIPopoverController from a cell tap, I usually just have it come from the cell, thus:

[popover presentPopoverFromRect:cell.frame inView:cell permittedArrowDirections:UIPopoverArrowDirectionAny animated:YES];
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Thank you Paull!!! the UIView method you recommend is very useful.. but I really didn't use it :D.

You give me an idea when passing the cell as the view to present the popover, I was using "self.view", and I've changed it to self.tableView and it works perfect! jeje

Thank you so much!!! You're the SH@# ;)

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