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I have a custom tab for a fan page that need to display a JPEG image. I have an image in English and one in French. Is there a way to detect the user locale in FBML to display the right image?

I know how to do this server side using the Facebook fb_sig_locale param but I was planning on just using the Static FBML app which is much simpler than setting up a whole custom application.

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You can put constraint by country, for that use this:

<fb:restricted-to location="us">
  <img src="../us_image.gif"/>
  <img src="../world_image.gif"/>

check here for more constraints possible in fb:restricted-to :

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Nice! I didn't know about that tag. But it still doesn't solve my problem since my main audience is French and English Canada. Quebec should be a country, it would make programming much simpler ;-) – Pierre Olivier Martel Apr 11 '10 at 15:31

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