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I have followed scott's gu tutorial here

I uploaded the whole database to my site. Before doing what Scott's says I had one username stored in the membership. How can I create an additional user now that the table is in the web host? I can see that there's aspnet_Membership, aspnet_Applications, etc..etc

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You have to set up your own admin section of the website.

There is a CreateUserWizard control which will make creating new users really easy.

This tutorial series shows you how to setup an admin area that lets you manage user accounts:

This is some tips I have picked up along the way for using CreateUserWizard:

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If you're using VS2008, there's an ASP.NET configuration option under the project menu. Choose that and it'll open the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool. In the securities tab, you can update/add users.

If you want to add users via SQL, take a look at the membership stored procedures. They are prefixed with aspnet_Membership.

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You cannot use the WSAT to administer remote servers so unless you have remote desktop access to your server this is not possible – rtpHarry Apr 10 '10 at 1:16

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