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I am trying to build a form in WordPress and taking advantage of all its built-in functions but I am hard pressed to find any functions that do form validation. I figure those kinds of functions have to exist in WordPress but I couldn't find any because its documentation is sparse and spread out in some respects. Would anyone have any useful links to documentation and tutorials by any chance?

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There are 1001 plugins that support contact form validation if that's what your after:

WordPress Plugins Search

I don't believe the WordPress code base has any exposed validation functions though. What are you trying to validate? Addresses/emails?

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I'm trying to build a small plugin and I was wondering if WordPress had any of their own php-based (not javascript or ajax) field validation functions much like in other php frameworks such as Codeigniter and CakePHP. Maybe I'm expecting WP to work too much like a PHP framework but I had to ask. Thanks for your response. – racl101 Apr 11 '10 at 17:48
I don't think WordPress has any documented API validation functions either after hours of searching. Thanks for the response nevertheless. – racl101 Apr 21 '10 at 20:40

Answering it one year later :) found this question in my search result. Someone might get help from it. Here is a article which validate email from wordpress built in function.


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