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I need to write the content of a map (key is ID of int, value is of self-defined struct) into a file, and load it from the file later on. Can I do it in MFC with CArchive?

Thank you!

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In MFC, I believe it's easiest to first serialize the size of the map, and then simply iterate through all the elements.

You didn't specify if you use std::map or MFC's CMap, but a version based on std::map could look like this:

void MyClass::Serialize(CArchive& archive)
  if (archive.IsStoring()) {
    archive << m_map.size(); // save element count
    std::map<int, MapData>::const_iterator iter = m_map.begin(), 
                                           iterEnd = m_map.end();
    for (; iter != iterEnd; iter++) {
      archive << iter->first << iter->second;
  else {
    size_t mapSize = 0;
    archive >> mapSize; // read element count
    for (size_t i = 0; i < mapSize; ++i) {
      int key;
      MapData value;
      archive >> key;
      archive >> value;
      m_map[key] = value;

If an error occurs when reading the archive, one of the streaming operations should throw an exception, which would then be caught by the framework on a higher level.

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I don't know much about MFC, but your problem is rather trivially solved using Boost.Serialization

struct MapData {
     int m_int;
     std::string m_str;

    friend class boost::serialization::access; 

    template<class Archive> 
    void serialize(Archive &ar, const unsigned int version) 
        ar & m_int; 
        ar & m_str; 

std::map< int, MapData > theData;

template<class Archive>
void serialize(Archive & ar, std::map< int, MapData > & data, const unsigned int version)
    ar & data;

And then later were you want to do the real archiving:

std::ofstream ofs("filename"); 
boost::archive::binary_oarchive oa(ofs); 
oa << theData;

That's it.

(disclaimer: code simply typed in this box, not tested at all, typo's were intended ;)

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Thank you! Using boost is a good choice. However, I worked out the approach of using CArchive. The main idea of my approach is to serialize every element of the map. –  user26404 Nov 4 '08 at 11:18

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