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what are some good open source test automation tools to test web applications ?

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Watir - 'Web Application Testing in Ruby', a free open-source family of web automation libraries in Ruby. The libraries support IE on Windows, Firefox on Windows, Mac and Linux, Safari on Mac, Chrome on Windows and Flash testing with Firefox. Note: Firewatir (targeting Firefox) is now merged with Watir. For a listing of additional tools that are available to extend some capabilities - see the Watir site and also Alternative Tools for Web Testing' page at the OpenQA site for more info.

Here is some more info for the many other testing tools

Here is the comparison: alt text

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I would recommend Selenium, because of its superior handling of JavaScript. Specifically, I would recommend Selenium 2.0 (now available as an alpha version): it has been recently integrated with WebDriver to improve its API, and is consequently much easier to use.

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Have you looked at Selenium?

It is widely used.

Another well known framework is Watir, using Ruby and its .NET counterpart Watin.

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personally i recommend selenium-webdriver. If you want to write your test automation using ruby then you might want to consider watir. The watir api is more simpler to understand and use than selenium-webdriver. You can take a look at few examples I created using different tools. Here are the links



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Another option is Sahi It is well suited for applications using a lot of AJAX and Javsascript because it does not need any wait statements (automatically waits for AJAX and page loads), automatically locates elements across frames/iframes, has stable smart accessors which do not use XPaths, but rather uses relational APIs like near, in, under etc. It also has recorder/accessor spy for all browsers. It has drivers in Sahi Script (Javascript), Java, Ruby and PHP.

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selenium + testng is my recommendation.
selenium is for APIs that calls javascript to simulate user action on web page.
testng is a test framework like junit, but is also support grouping and multi-thread over large set of test data in table format

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If you look at Selenium, then I would also look at TestMaker by It is an open source test automation framework that lets you create data driven tests for Selenium and allows you to run the scripts as functional, automated regression and load tests as well as production SLA monitors. You can download the tool from the website and there is a tutorial to walk you through working with Selenium scripts.

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SeLite helps functional testing. It's a framework for Selenium IDE that allows your tests to access (read and write to) a test DB (isolated from the DB of the tested application). See

SeLite is ideal if the web application uses SQLite, because the (separate) test DB is also in SQLite - test that makes data lifecycle very easy. However, you can use SeLite even if your web app uses other type of DB.

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