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How do I get Fancy box to target a specific DIV ID on a page and not request the whole page in the fancybox.? This my code so fare

$(function() {

$(".style_image a").live('click', function(event) { 

    $(".style_image a").find("#show_style").fancybox();       


This don't work?

I originally tried the following:

 $(function() {

    $(".style_image a").live('click', function(event) { 

        $(this.href + " #show_style").fancybox();       


Not sure how this done, or if it is even possible?

here are the doc's

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If you want fancybox to open a certain div you just use the following simple steps:

First you need a link to hook FancyBox to:

<a href="#myDivID" id="fancyBoxLink">Click me to show this awesome div</a>

Note the div id next to the anchor.

Second you need a div that will be shown inside the FancyBox:

<!-- Wrap it inside a hidden div so it won't show on load -->
<div style="display:none">
    <div id="myDivID">
         <span>Hey this is what is shown inside fancybox.</span>
         <span>Apparently I can show all kinds of stuff here!</span>
         <img src="../images/unicorn.png" alt="" />
         <input type="text" value="Add some text here" />

And third some very easy javascript to hook it all together

<script type="text/javascript">
        'href'   : '#myDivID',
        'titleShow'  : false,
        'transitionIn'  : 'elastic',
        'transitionOut' : 'elastic'
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How about using an ID to open the div in a fancybox if you can't change the href value? i.e. open a div in a fancybox when clicking on an img that has an ID> – Charlie S Jan 4 '12 at 17:42
Charlie change id here 'href' : '#myDivID', in above code. – Yasir Sep 10 '12 at 13:13

You just need this selector:


The ID selector (since IDs should be unique) is just #IDGoesHere

I think what you're after is loading the content in some fancybox, if you want to load say <div id="content"></div> from the page the href points to, you'd do this using .load():

$(".style_image a").on('click', function(event) { 
  $('#show_style').load(this.href + " #content").fancybox();       

.load() has an option for url selector that loads only part of the destination page.

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Please do you think you could help me with this question – Axel Oct 10 '15 at 14:33

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